Why Did Kaylee Bryant Leave 'Legacies' and Will She Ever Return?

Kaylee Bryant Legacies


Sadly, Legacies fans have had to say goodbye to one of the Salvator School's finest. Kaylee Bryant, who played the role of Josie Saltzman since the show's inception in 2018, bowed out from the show on Thursday, December 16 episode "I Can't Be The One to Stop You." Despite the bittersweet news, Legacies fans are hoping this will not be the last time Josie Saltzman appears in the Legacies-Vampire Diaries-The Originals universe.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about Bryant leaving the series and her potential return in the future.

At the moment, the exact reason for Kaylee Bryant's exit has not been given. However, fans of the show should not be too surprised as her character's storyline has been heading in that direction for quite a while.

In the fourth season, Josie had been distancing herself from the Salvatore School For The Young and Gifted. She even went so far as to enlist at rival school Mystic Falls High, before reluctantly returning to the Salvatore School.

Josie also moved away from Mystic Falls and stayed with her Uncle Damon and Aunt Elena for a period of time.

Upon her return to the Salvatore School, Josie told her peers: "I have the need to live up to this school that was literally created for me, and the pressure to save the school and my friends means I will never live a life of my own." This foreshadowed what was to come in Episode 9.

In Episode 9 of Legacies, Josie bought a one-way ticket out of Mystic Falls, Virginia, leaving everything she has ever known behind, including her girlfriend Finch.

In a statement on her Instagram account shortly after the December 16 episode aired, Bryant wrote: "As a fan of The Vampire Diaries universe myself, thank you to The CW and Warner Bros. TV for giving me this opportunity.

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"I am so grateful to the fans and will love them always and forever for welcoming and accepting me into this world. Josie has helped so many beautiful humans feel comfortable in their sexuality, and I hope her legacy lives on so that one day everyone feels free to love whoever they want regardless of gender."

There is also the possibility, that like her character Josie, 24-year-old Bryant wanted to pursue other opportunities.

She was recently cast in the upcoming thriller series The Locksmith, starring alongside Big Little Lies actor Jeffrey Nordling.

Newsweek has contacted Bryant's representatives for comment about her departure

Will Kaylee Bryant Return to 'Legacies'?

Josie herself teased her return to Mystic Falls when saying goodbye to her girlfriend, Finch.

Holding back tears, Josie hinted to Finch her return to Mystic Falls wasn't off the table. After all, she did say: "When I come back, we can see where you and I are."
Executive producers Julie Plec and Brett Matthews also teased Bryant's return to Legacies in the future.

They told TV Line: "While it's heartbreaking to say goodbye to such a beloved Super Squad member, we wish Kaylee happiness and success. We look forward to watching her career grow in the future, and our door at Legacies will always be open to her because the world is simply a better place with Josie Saltzman in it."

Bryant would not be the only cast member from the Vampire Diaries universe to make a return. Legacies has so far seen Chris Wood reprise his role as Kai Parker, Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert, and Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan to name a few.

Legacies airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Kaylee Bryant Legacies
Kaylee Bryant has left "Legacies." The CW