Best Charmed Couples, Ranked From Cute To Endgame

The Halliwell sisters have had their fair share of memorable relationships.

Throughout the series, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Prue have managed to strike a perfect balance between battling a myriad of demons and navigating their personal lives.

From ordinary people to Cupid, the Halliwell sisters hit the jackpot when it came to romancing. Ranked from cute to endgame, here are the best Charmed couples.

Piper and Dan

Dan and Piper's relationship shows a sweet and caring connection that is closer to normal than any other Piper relationship has ever been. Their relationship is cute, stable, and most importantly healthy, but it lacks the dynamic and passion that Piper was desperate for, unlike her relationship with the meant-to-be Leo.

Phoebe and Coop

For Phoebe, who was desperate to find true love, the unique and truly genuine relationship between her and Cupid was a breath of fresh air. Full of magic and tenderness, their relationship finally gave Phoebe the happiness she deserved.

Paige and Henry

With a lot in common — they both grew up without their biological parents and they both have a passion for helping others — Paige and Henry's love in Charmed is a special one that fell into place right away.

Their relationship brings ease and spontaneity to Paige's life, and Henry turns out to be an ordinary man with a superpower as well as he manages to settle down one of the most powerful witches.

Phoebe and Cole

Say what you want, but these two were supposed to be the endgame and we hate how the tables turned. With their ups and downs throughout the series, Cole and Phoebe fulfilled the "enemies turned lovers" trope that resonated with viewers and left a lasting impression on them.

Cole loved Phoebe so much that even after his death, he continued to watch over his loved one from the afterlife, guiding her to find true love, and it literally broke our hearts.

The best match for Phoebe

Piper and Leo

The relationship that was written in the stars. The love story between the Whitelighter and the Charmed one is a central theme throughout the series. Piper and Leo's relationship evolves from forbidden love to a strong and enduring bond, surviving thousands of rough patches that not many couples can survive. They are the true definition of the union that was meant to be from the very start.