Bridgerton Season 3's Missing Cast Members Will Fix A Long-Running Character Problem

Netflix’s Bridgerton has a huge cast of eight main characters who will all have their own romances, posing a potential problem for the show.

Bridgerton Charithra Chandran, Phoebe Dynevor, and Regé-Jean Page and

Netflix's Bridgerton series has a character problem, but the missing cast members in season 3 could help solve it. The steamy romance series, based on the books by Julia Quinn, has captivated audiences worldwide with its lush Regency-era setting and romantic storylines. The show follows the lives and loves of the alphabetically named Bridgerton children. The Bridgertons are a wealthy landowning family who have married into noble circles even though they are not aristocracy. This dynamic adds an intriguing layer to the story as the widowed Mrs. Bridgerton navigates the complex world of the upper classes while trying to ensure her children make happy matches, not just materially successful.

Translating the expansive cast of characters from books to a television series presents some unique challenges. In literature, each book can delve into the lives of different Bridgerton siblings while other characters remain present as well. However, it becomes trickier on television to maintain a large ensemble cast while giving each character their due. By skillfully giving each their moment to shine, the show can strike a delicate balance, satisfying fans of the books and attracting new viewers alike. Audiences can expect the following seasons to explore the Bridgerton children's relationships more fully, who haven't had much chance to show their personalities or desires on screen.

Missing Characters Allows More Screen Time For Less Developed Bridgerton Characters

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The Bridgerton TV show can effectively address this challenge by highlighting one central relationship per season and then moving those characters to the wings. This approach allows for the gradual development of younger characters, enabling viewers to become emotionally invested in their stories when their time in the spotlight arrives. It will be particularly exciting to witness the growth and evolution of the younger half of the Bridgerton family as they receive more screen time and develop their own distinct personalities as if viewers are watching them grow up organically.

Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth, who are currently in the background of the family's social life, are often perceived as just "the younger Bridgertons." They don't really have separate identities of their own yet. This portrayal accurately reflects how children were regarded in the social order of the time. However, with each passing season, the show has the opportunity to bring these characters to the foreground by moving their older, married brothers and sisters to the background. By utilizing this storytelling technique, the Bridgerton TV series ensures that all family members have all eyes on them during their exciting search for their own happy ending.

Bridgerton Cast Members Leaving Is Something Fans Will Have To Keep Getting Used To

However, there is a risk to making way for new love stories by replacing the central couple each season. It means Bridgerton needs to introduce new main characters that audiences will fall in love with as deeply as they did with the previous ones. Bridgerton aims to cover at least eight seasons, ensuring each Bridgerton offspring finds their own happily ever after romance. This long-term commitment implies that audiences will inevitably have to bid farewell to their favorite characters and make room for new ones. It is a necessary part of the storytelling process and allows for continuously exploring the Bridgerton family's journey.

For this approach to be successful, audiences need to allow new characters to stand on their own merit. An example of how challenging this can be arose when it was announced that Regé-Jean Page would not be reprising his role as Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. This news disappointed many, who then unfavorably compared Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) to the Duke of Hastings rather than allowing Anthony to establish his own presence. Going forward, writers of the Bridgerton TV series could strategically begin to reveal the personalities of the younger Bridgertons before their respective seasons. This invites audiences to invest in each new chapter of the Bridgerton family.