Chicago Fire Season 11: Ritter Actor Emotionally Responds To Mouch's Potential Death After Cliffhanger

Chicago Fire star Daniel Kyri reveals if Ritter can handle Mouch's death, as the character's fate was left unconfirmed in the season 11 finale.

Daniel Kyri reveals whether his character on Chicago Fire will be able to handle Mouch's death. Created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, the show premiered on NBC in 2012 and follows the personal and professional lives of different firefighters and paramedics at Firehouse 51. Kyri first appeared as Darren Ritter in season 7 and joined the team after Randall "Mouch" McHolland (Christian Stolte) recommended him to Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg). Ritter soon developed a friendship with both of them and his growth has been important to the series as it continues.

During the Chicago Fire season 11 finale, Mouch got shot and was last seen bleeding out, though his fate was not confirmed. While answering fan questions for TV Insider, Kyri was asked how his character would manage the potential death. To that, the actor gave a brief response, stating, "I think he wouldn’t."

Why Losing Mouch Could Be Hard For Ritter


Mouch, who is essentially a mentor to Ritter, was one of the first characters to show him support. When Ritter was introduced, he was responding to a building fire and appeared in shock, but was encouraged to keep going and helped save a man's life. He later revealed to Mouch that he left the Chicago Fire Department, but joined Firehouse 51 at the veteran's request. Throughout the series, Ritter learned from Mouch and the two helped each other in various scenarios.

Mouch saw something in Kyri's character early on, so while losing him would likely take a toll on all of Firehouse 51, it may be especially hard for Ritter. Whether Chicago Fire kills off Mouch remains to be seen, but in the season 11 finale titled "Red Waterfall" he was wounded as the team was trying to take down several gunmen. Near the end of the episode, he was resting in the hospital and visited by Herrmann before beginning to bleed again.

As Firehouse 51 was discussing Mouch's status after the incident, Ritter could be seen looking concerned. Audiences were shown Herrmann's distraught reaction in the hospital room, but Ritter would not have been aware of what happened then. If Mouch actually dies in Chicago Fire, it will clearly have a huge impact on Kyri's character.