Clarkson's Farm FIRST LOOK: Jeremy Clarkson kisses partner Lisa Hogan in front of Kaleb Cooper

Jeremy Clarkson kisses his girlfriend Lisa Hogan as farmhand Kaleb Cooper awkwardly averts his eyes while on Diddly Squat farm in first look pictures for Amazon Prime Video show Clarkson's Farm, released on Tuesday. 

The Grand Tour host, 61, has been filming for Amazon Prime Video’s smash hit programme since last year and the cast, including girlfriend Lisa, 47, sidekick Kaleb, 23, land agent Cheerful Charlie Ireland and 'head of security' Gerald Cooper, will be back on screen.

In pictures released ahead of the new season, Jeremy can be seen giving partner Lisa a loving kiss while standing in a lush green field, with Kaleb sheepishly looking at the ground as his friends share a passionate moment.

In another picture, Jeremy gives a thumbs-up as he sits in his Land Rover with Cheerful Charlie and Gerald standing alongside him.

Meanwhile, Jeremy can be seen driving his tractor in one other image while Kaleb casually lays in the shovel at the front.

The clan once again keep a watchful eye on Jeremy and his agricultural antics in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire in the new series.

Jeremy previously said he is 'delighted' to be back with another series, which will follow him trying to diversify and expand his agricultural knowledge with the help of his no-nonsense farmhand Kaleb.

To which Kaleb interrupted: 'You mean, Kaleb's Farm?' 

Jeremy continued: 'No. The big team are back, cheerful Charlie, Lisa, Gerald and the fetus in the tractor.'  

The first series of Clarkson’s Farm followed an intense, backbreaking and frequently hilarious year in the life of Britain’s most unlikely farmer, Jeremy.

The success of the show was such that fans spent up to four hours queuing outside his new farm shop.

Clarkson bought the plot of land in 2008 and Clarkson's Farm follows the presenter's highs and lows of tackling the 1,000 acre working farm.  

Viewers saw Clarkson and his rag-tag band of agricultural associates contend with the worst farming weather in decades, disobedient animals, unresponsive crops and an unexpected pandemic.

The presenter recently revealed he was 'the happiest he has ever been' and that he 'loved every second' of filming the new hit show.

It comes after Jeremy replaced the roof of his Diddly Squat farm shop last week after losing a planning permission appeal.

Workers were seen replacing the green steel roof with Cotswold tiles on Tuesday to appease planners.

It was revealed in April 2021 that Clarkson had lost an appeal against a planning decision that the materials he used to build the shop weren't 'visually harmonious' with neighbouring Cotswolds properties. 

Several locals had already voiced their objections to the plans when approval was first sought. 'The Grand Tour' host took that earlier setback in his stride and said he didn't blame those who were complaining - adding 'otherwise what is the point in planning permission'.  

Clarkson has been forced to close his farm shop for two months after the local council demanded the roof was replaced. 

His girlfriend Lisa Hogan, 49, is known to work behind the counter at the hugely popular farm shop.  

The estate has been popular with locals and those from further afield, with many rushing to the farm on New Year's Eve before its eight-week closure.

Ahead of its closure, the Diddy Squat Farm posted a message to customers reading: 'Thank you to everyone who visited. Happy New Year. See you in March. Milk machine remains open 24/7.' 

The shop describes itself as 'a small barn full of good, no-nonsense things you'll like'.

Clarkson’s Farm series one is available on Amazon Prime Video.