EastEnders confirms new friendship for Jay Brown after Lola's death

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Jay Brown will bond with Gina Knight next week, as their personal problems collide.

Jay initially shares a drink with Gina, who is struggling with her sister Anna's decision to find a private investigator to track down their missing mum 'Rose'.

Gina is horrified when she discovers that Anna stole money to hire a private investigator and contemplates revealing all to their dad George.

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She eventually decides not to, but gives Anna an ultimatum – it's her or their mum.

When Anna decides to follow through with her plan anyway, Gina struggles to cope and starts to go off the rails.

Jay is enjoying a quiet drink in The Albert when he is joined by Gina, who begins to drink rapidly.

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As they talk, she implores Jay to look after Lexi in the wake of Lola's death, echoing her own experience growing up without a mum.

With the drinks flowing, Jay gets the wrong end of the stick when Gina places her hand on his leg, and makes a hasty exit.

Gina then heads to buy drugs from the dealer she met in Peggy's a few weeks back.

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The following day, Elaine asks Gina and Anna to hand out promotional flyers, in an attempt to steal customers from The Albert for the Women's World Cup.

While dropping off leaflets at the car lot, Gina and Jay have a heart-to-heart.

Gina gives Jay advice on parenting Lexi, sharing her own experience growing up without a mum, and they are able to put the awkward encounter from the night before behind them.

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Unfortunately, Gina's good mood doesn't last long when she finds out that Anna has gone ahead and met with a private investigator to share information about their mum's disappearance.

Show boss Chris Clenshaw previously said that Jay would be finding a new friendship in the aftermath of Lola's death.