Elle Fanning reveals she lost role at 16 because ‘she wasn’t sexy enough’


During an interview with The Times, Elle Fanning, a former child star who gained recognition for her role in Hulu's The Great and as the younger sister of Dakota Fanning, spoke candidly about her teenage years and the negative aspects of the entertainment industry. 

Specifically, Fanning recounted auditioning for a comedy movie centered around a father and daughter's road trip when she was 16 years old.

The actress recalled that she was told she had been rejected “because she wasn’t sexy enough” and got branded as “unf***able.”

She also disclosed that a year later, she missed out on a film role because she did not have a sufficient number of Instagram followers.

Fanning’s portrayal of Catherine in Hulu's The Great has earned her and co-star Nicholas Hoult Emmy nominations for their performances in the unconventional historical drama, which explores the marriage of Catherine the Great and Tsar Peter III of Russia.

Additionally, Fanning has established a production company with her sister Dakota and has acted in and produced the series Girl from Plainville.

Talking about social media and its “dark” side in an interview with Jenna Ortega for Variety in June, Fanning said, “I didn’t get a part once because I didn’t have enough followers. They’re like, “You were great — but your numbers”

“You have to protect yourself, and also just know when to put it away and know it doesn’t matter. That’s not the real world,” she concluded.