Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn fears losing her baby after collapse

Dawn and Billy attempt to talk to Clemmie about the new baby in Emmerdale

Dawn and Billy attempt to talk to Clemmie (Picture: ITV)

Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Billy (Jay Kontzle) get some happy news in upcoming Emmerdale episodes when Dawn takes a pregnancy test which confirms that she is indeed expecting a baby.

A check-up yields another bit of news. The pregnancy is further along that Dawn realised and she’s already 16 weeks pregnant. While she and Billy are overjoyed at the thought of the new addition to their family, one thing that concerns them is how to tell their kids, and especially Clemmie (Mabel Addison).

Their adopted daughter came to them after Dawn went to the funeral of her former friend, and discovered the friend’s daughter sleeping in a dog basket in the home of drug addicts. It turned out that Clemmie is the half sister of Dawn’s son Lucas as they both have the same father, Alex (Liam Boyle).

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Because of this connection Dawn wanted Clemmie to become part of her family. Billy had some reservations but eventually agreed. While Clemmie’s behaviour has at times been challenging, the couple know that it’s because of her troubled early life and they’ve done their best to make her feel safe and secure. They were overjoyed when they were given permission to formally adopt her.

So telling her that there’s going to be a new addition to the family s a big deal and they decide to wait until after her birthday and concentrate on giving her the best birthday ever to underline how much they love her.

Clemmie shocked after pushing Dawn in Home Farm in Emmerdale

Clemmie struggles with the news (Picture: ITV)

Unfortunately the news get blurted out during the birthday celebrations after Clemmie’s former nanny Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) comes to Home farm with a birthday card for her. While the children were really fond of Nicky, he’s not completely unwelcome at Home Farm after admitting his part in Caleb (William Ash)’s plan to bring down Kim Tate (Claire King) – which included pretending to be in love with Gabby (Rosie Bentham) even though he’s gay.

When he comes to the house Gabby immediately throws him out. Her feelings in turmoil afterwards, Gabby accidentally mentions that Dawn is pregnant – in front of the children.

Billy and Dawn’s fears about Clemmie’s reaction turn out to be correct as the little girl’s world is turned upside down by this news. She’s convinced that when the new baby comes they’ll no longer want her.

As she gets more and more upset she lashes out, pushing a dining stool into Dawn’s stomach. Dawn collapses in pain.

While Billy rushes Dawn to A&E, back at Home Farm Clemmie is horrified at what she’s done and she hides, terrified about what might happen next to Dawn and to her.

At the hospital it’s good news as the baby is unharmed, but before Dawn and Billy can go home and reassure Clemmie that everything is fine, the little girl lets herself out of the back door and vanishes into the night.

Where will she go? And will Dawn and Billy find her before she gets into danger?