Jeremy Clarkson's right-hand women: The no-nonsense shepherdess and the glamorous farming pro

While Jeremy Clarkson might hog the limelight in his new Amazon farming show, two of his right-hand women have also become overnight stars.

Ellen Helliwell and Georgia Craig have emerged as fan favourites, due to their no-nonsense attitude and refusal to coddle the celebrity.

Ms Helliwell, a shepherdess and stockman, and was brought onto the series to help Clarkson during lambing.

It had been intended she would have a more hands on role, but Covid restrictions meant he had to do it himself on the Cotswolds grounds.

Meanwhile Ms Craig, who is an NFU representative, was seen exasperated as she tried to give him a tractor driving lesson.

The pair's appearances have gone down a storm with fans but they both have important backgrounds behind the camera. 

Ellen Helliwell, a shepherdess and stockman, and was brought on to help Clarkson do lambing

Ms Craig, an NFU rep, was seen exasperated as she tried to give him a tractor driving lesson

Jeremy Clarkson's new Amazon farming show has been a huge hit with viewers in the UK

Ms Helliwell is a young ambassador of the National Sheep Association and grew up on her parents' farm in Derbyshire.

She entered the Young Shepherd of the Year competition at the NSA Central Region Winter Fair in 2013 and scooped the top prize.

The shepherdess has also spent time farming in Australia and a bit closer to home in Wales. 

Georgia Craig appears in Jeremy Clarkson's farm show on Prime

She also was featured on BBC show Countryfile shearing a sheep. 

In February she spoke to the Pub Yields podcast about her role and history in the industry as well as nights out with the NSA.

Ms Helliwell said: 'I remember one night, I can’t remember where we were and me and my friend Hannah were proper game for getting on it and you lot all p***** off to bed. 

Georgia Clarke seemed bewildered by Jeremy Clarkson's choice of tractor in the show

Georgia looked bemused and aghast by the former Top Gear host's selection of vehicle

Despite the on-screen rows, Kaleb and Clarkson have also become great friends

An exasperated Kaleb Cooper, 21, has to deal with one of Mr Clarkson's farming blunders on the show

'It's difficult': Clarkson's Farm star talks working with Jeremy

'If one of us were spewing there were at least five others who were as well.'

The podcast also featured the sound of her downing a pint in 11.6 seconds.

Ms Craig is the county advisor for the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire areas on behalf of the National Farmers Union.

Her LinkedIn profile says previously she worked at estate agents Savills in their Agribusiness arm.

And before that she worked at various farms as a worker and tractor driver.

MailOnline told yesterday how nn exasperated young tractor driver who regularly shouts at the star and tells him he has 'f***ed up' had also become an unlikely hero of the show.

Straight-talking Kaleb Cooper, 21, is filmed repeatedly giving Mr Clarkson, 61, a dressing down during the hit Amazon Prime series Clarkson's Farm, freely admits his millionaire employer 'really annoys me' and declared today: 'I'm the boss really'.

Mr Cooper, who was born and bred in the Cotswolds and hadn't left the area until the show was made, couldn't be further from the Chipping Norton set Mr Clarkson is a member of. But he has helped the former Top Gear presenter and amateur farmer get to grips with his 1,000 acre farm in Oxfordshire, with the pair becoming an unlikely TV double act.

The Manchester United fan, who recently had a baby son Oscar with his girlfriend Taya, Ieft school at 16 and did four years as an apprentice on a cow farm before moving to Clarkson's Diddly Squat Farm to drive tractors.

But such is his success, and thanks to the army of 80,000 loyal Instagram fans built since the show began, Kaleb's is now being tipped for his own TV career - and he admits he would even consider going on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!.

Speaking yesterday Kaleb told ITV's This Morning: 'I'm the boss really. It's very difficult to work with him - he doesn't listen to me - but the good thing is he does have a genuine interest in the farming. But yeah he don't (sic) listen, that's why you see me shout at him, and I do get genuinely angry when he does make a mistake'.