Kaleb Cooper says 'be nice' after calling out driver

 Kaleb Cooper, pictured, is a favourite from Clarkson's Farm and outspoken about hardships for farmers

Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper may be somewhat of a farming celebrity now but that hasn't stopped him encountering angry motorists during his day-to-day job. The young farm worker, who stars alongside Jeremy Clarkson on his farming show, told his viewers on Instagram that a van driver was recently unhappy with his tractor being on the road in the Cotswolds.

He told the camera: "Now I wouldn't normally do this but it's the time of year where a lot of farmers spend a lot out in the fields in the harvest but more importantly on the roads as well. I just come out along Compton and there was a builder in his building van, he gave me some nasty hand gestures.

"Now mate, I know it's like three o'clock or whatever, and you probably want to go home. I'm not saying all builders go home at three o'clock but I guarantee he is.

"Be patient buddy. Be patient - that's all you gotta do. We are the ones that are feeding you.

"Just be patient mate. You don't have to give me hand gestures and call me all things under the sun, just be nice."

The young agricultural advisor revealed earlier this year that he was treading the boards for a nationwide tour. On his social media platforms, he wrote: "I’m braving it and leaving Chippy for a UK theatre tour!"

"We need a Karl-Pilkington-type world travel series where Jeremy sits in his office drinking Hawkstone and books Kaleb to do things out of his comfort zone culminating in a long haul flight to Bristol etc," one fan joked. Another added: "Mate, I think you deserve all the success that is coming to you. You seem like a real stand up guy."

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Kaleb rose to fame after coming to Jeremy Clarkson's rescue on more than one occasion on Clarkson's Farm, which follows the ex-Top Gear presenter as he struggles with the realities of running a 1000-acre farm - including disobedient animals and brutal weather. The breakout star, who had barely left his hometown when the cameras started rolling, is set to return in the third series.