Unpopular Opinion: Why Does the Jack Gang Change Everything in Breaking Bad?

The toughest thug on the show turned out to be the White family's savior.

Breaking Bad had many terrible villains. Walter and Jesse were pursued throughout their journey by the ruthless and cruel Salamancas, the cold and calculating Gus Fring, but it was Jack Welker's gang that put a fat end to the storylines of Heisenberg and his partner.

Welker's appearance in season 5 was the turning point that set in motion the chain of events that led to the series' dramatic conclusion.

After the destruction of the Salamanca family and Gus Fring, a criminal group espousing neo-Nazi ideology took over the drug production market in Albuquerque. And Walt and Jesse were forced to work with the bad guys.

Redditor Active_Molasses_1577 recalls an episode of Ozymandias (5x14) that featured one of the most tragic moments of the entire series. Hank, Walt's brother-in-law, along with his partner Steve Gomez, go after a criminal gang in an attempt to catch Heisenberg.

And while the death of Mr. White's relative seemed terrible, the fan suggests that it's a logical view because it's the best thing that could have happened to Walt.

The DEA would have arrested the former chemistry teacher if Jack had listened to Heisenberg and not shown up. The White family's criminal activity would have been quickly linked to the car wash by law enforcement. Skyler could have followed Walt to prison. And the $80 million that cost him two years of his life would have gone into the state's pocket, just like Mike Ehrmantraut's money that he left to his granddaughter Kaylee.

Do you agree that Jack was a kind of savior for Walt?

Even if Walt Jr. and his little sister had been taken in by Hank and his wife, they would have been without parents forever. Walter's imprisonment would have brought down Jesse and Saul Goodman and wiped out any fortune they'd made.

Although Jack's gang had embezzled most of Walt's earnings, there was still $10 million left for Junior and Skyler. Heisenberg had 6 months to come up with a revenge plan to get the money back to his family. Mr. White rid the state of a gang of neo-Nazis and freed Jesse, who otherwise would have faced the death penalty or life in prison.