Will There Be A 365 Days 4? Everything We Know


The 365 Days trilogy came to a close with The Next 365 Days, but can Nacho, Laura, and Massimo return in Netflix's eventual sequel 365 Days 4?

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Netflix’s controversial 365 Days trilogy recently wrapped up with The Next 365 Days, prompting some viewers to wonder whether there will be any potential for 365 Days 4 in the future. The 365 Days movies struggled with critics but proved incredibly popular with viewers worldwide. A series of erotic thrillers, the 365 Days saga told the tale of Laura, who was abducted and held hostage by the mafia boss Massimo.

While the titular period referred to the year that Massimo gave Laura to fall in love with him, the 365 Days movies didn’t limit their storyline to this plot thread. The sequel, 365 Days: This Day, introduced Massimo’s evil twin brother, a rival mafia boss (and second Laura love interest) who was disguised as a gardener, and all manner of other absurd contrivances. As such, some viewers were surprised when The Next 365 Days finished the series in a surprisingly muted fashion.

Unlike the finales of 365 Days and 365 Days: This Day, the ending of The Next 365 Days didn’t rely on any shocking twists or goofy high drama. Instead, The Next 365 Days was comparatively subdued, with the majority of the movie following Laura’s consternation over whether to stay with Massimo or return to her new love interest, the aforementioned rival mafia member/fake gardener Nacho. In the end, Laura appears to choose Massimo, but the ambiguous ending leaves a lot of room for sequels. As a result, it is possible that Netflix could yet commission 365 Days 4.

Will Netflix Make 365 Days 4?

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It is entirely possible that Netflix will make 365 Days 4. Like the competing erotic thriller franchise 50 Shades of Grey, the more explicit 365 Days movies are based on a series of novels. However, where 50 Shades of Grey (and its inspiration, the tamer Twilight franchise) were self-contained sagas, the 365 Days movies leave the option of a sequel open. Laura appears to choose Massimo over Nacho in the ending of The Next 365 Days, but there’s no guarantee that she will stick with this choice.

What Could 365 Days 4's Story Be? Is There Another Book To Adapt?


Since The Next 365 Days radically altered the ending of the source novel trilogy, 365 Days 4’s story could follow the continuing adventures of Laura and Massimo. In the books, Laura ends up with Nacho after a bitter breakup with Massimo that involves another abduction attempt and the murder of her pet dog. However, in The Next 365 Days, things are much less intense and Laura chooses to stay with Massimo after considering her options. The shootouts of 365 Days: This Day's ending is replaced by a nice beach side chat, meaning that even though there is no fourth 365 Days book to adapt, 365 Days 4 could potentially bring back the drama and action that The Next 365 Days cut out. By reinstating the storyline where Massimo holds Laura captive and she escapes with Nacho (and maybe reversing the roles of the two love interests), 365 Days 4 could bring back the over-the-top tone of the original movie.

365 Days 4 Cast: Who Could Return?

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While Nacho actor Simone Sussina is currently filming Heaven in Hell, the rest of the primary cast should be available for a sequel. Laura’s actor Anna-Maria Sieklucka has no other projects listed on IMDB. Meanwhile, Michele Morrone (who plays 365 Days franchise hero/villain Massimo) has a musical career and one upcoming production to think of (the Italian movie Duetto), but that project is already in post-production and the actor was able to keep his singing career afloat while starring in the original trilogy. As such he, in theory, should also be available for 365 Days 4.

365 Days 4 Release Date Prediction: When Would Netflix Release It?

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If Netflix were to make 365 Days 4, it stands to reason that it would take a while for the streaming service to get around to it. After all, the final two movies in the franchise were shot back-to-back and released close together as a result. Since 365 Days 4 would involve getting the original 365 Days crew back together, the earliest viewers could expect to see the sequel would be 7 February 2024 (four years after the original movie’s arrival).