Charlize Theron marks Emotional😢Ending as she prepares for change

Navigating the challenges of motherhood, Charlize Theron is facing the age-old phenomenon every parent grapples with: children growing up. For Charlize, this reality hit hard with her eldest daughter, Jackson, who at 11, seems to be asserting her independence.

The esteemed actress from Monster confided in a candid chat with People, reflecting on Jackson's newfound adolescence. "My oldest just went to middle school and it was literally, it was so sad. I was like, 'Where's my baby?'" the South African luminary shared with a touch of humor.

Relating a poignant interaction with Jackson, Charlize painted a scene familiar to many parents of tweens. Jackson's plea: “Mom, please don't look, mom, don't hug me,” was met with Charlize's hopeful: "Can I hug you?" only to hear a steadfast, "No, no."

Eloquently capturing the essence of the transition, the Academy Award winner remarked, "Oh my God. It's like a whole different game." 

Charlize Theron's daughters August and Jackson
Charlize Theron's daughters August and Jackson

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Yet, Charlize, ever the optimist and ever so reflective, views these changes as essential milestones. 

The Mad Max: Fury Road star mused: "There's something about having kids that you're so aware of the changes that come and they happen really fast." But it's not all wistfulness; Charlize eagerly anticipates, "It's always exciting to see where they're going to go in the next year."

The Tully actress, who chose the path of adoption for both her daughters, has previously delved deep into her parenting decisions. 

Charlize Theron's rare video with her daughters

Charlize Theron's rare video with her daughters

Charlize Theron shared a rare video as she went diving with her daughters

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Speaking to Elle in 2018, Charlize said: "I never saw a difference in raising an adopted child versus my own biological child. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something." She firmly believes, "Adoption was always my first choice."

Jackson became part of Charlize's life in 2012. Three years later, August joined the Theron family. Beyond the serious aspects of parenthood, Charlize ensures that the fun and memorable moments aren't lost. Case in point: treating her daughters to a Taylor Swift concert last August.

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Charlize is suffering from empty-nester syndrome

But behind Charlize's steadfast commitment to motherhood lies an unsung hero: her mother, Gerda Theron. During her Elle conversation, Charlize paid homage to the indispensable role her mother played in the upbringing of her children. 

"To not acknowledge her in co-parenting my children would be a lie," she passionately declared. Recognizing the essence of Gerda's involvement, Charlize praised her as an exceptional co-parent.

Charlize Theron's daughters during a family trip to Disney with friends
Charlize Theron's daughters during a family trip to Disney with friends

Charlize also revealed her yearning to embrace motherhood intensified in her 30s, following a relationship that ended in her 20s. 

Yet, her path to adoption was riddled with emotional challenges. "I struggled mentally through the adoption process," she confessed. 

Charlize Theron with her daughters August and Jackson
Charlize Theron with her daughters August and Jackson

The sheer volatility of the process, where attachments form and hopes rise, only to be dashed, took a toll. "There were many situations that didn’t work out, and you’d get attached and have all your hopes up and then just get crushed," recalled the Dior ambassador.

However, Charlize credits a particular trait for her steadfastness and resilience in both the adoption journey and motherhood: her inherent disregard for others' opinions. In her words, she's "never given a [expetive] about what people think."