Charlize Theron reappears this happy... and in love?

Surprise in Hollywood! Charlize Theron's heart is busy again and we know who is to blame for her smile. The South African actress, 47, has reappeared on the red carpet to premiere her new film, Fast Will her new love relationship have anything to do with it?

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Charlize Theron reappears on the red carpet

Charlize Theron reappears on the red carpet

Recently, Charlize has been photographed holding hands with Alex Dimitrijevic, an attractive model who is dedicated to the world of design. As can be seen in the images published exclusively by the Daily Mail newspaper, they were walking through the streets of the Los Feliz neighborhood in Los Angeles.

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The photos speak for themselves, and they were very complicit and affectionate, without caring if they could be seen. At the moment not many details have emerged about the man who has conquered the protagonist of Mad Max and Bombshell, but everything indicates that they are very happy together.

Alex Dimitrijevic

In addition to the numerous projects he has done as a model for different brands, Dimitrijevic is currently dedicated to the design and development of brands and products in the world of fashion. He has worked in several companies as Head of Product Design, Creative Director, Art Director... In addition, he was co-founder of the clothing brand 'Undertone Sport' and in 2020 he founded the men's underwear brand 'Ivan Alexander '.

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The last known relationship of the South African actress was the one she had with fellow actor Sean Penn. They began dating in 2013 and there was talk that they were engaged, however, they finally decided to continue with their lives separately and broke up in June 2015. "We never lived together. I never planned to marry him," said Charlize about the wedding rumors that circulated at that time

Alex Dimitrijevic

Theron, who has also had American nationality since 2007, once said that she did not mind being single since the love of her daughters was everything to her. "I love being a mother, even more than being an actress or producer. I never thought I would say that," she told The Hollywood Reporter in December 2022, ensuring that she would give up her career for Jackson, 11, and August, seven. .

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Charlize Theron with her daughters

Regarding the idea of finding a partner, Charlize explained that she has always been open to falling in love again, but that she was now much more demanding. Will Alex Dimitrijevic meet all of his requirements?