Chicago Fire season 12: Will Taylor Kinney return as Kelly Severide?

"All-Out Mystery" Episode 1106 -- Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)

While we still wait for Chicago Fire season 12 to premiere, we have a lot of questions. The biggest is whether Taylor Kinney will be back as Severide or not.

We’re still waiting for Chicago Fire season 12. It is going to be a long wait as the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes continue. However, that doesn’t stop us from looking at what we could expect. Of course, there are minimal details, but we can speculate and hope, right?

One of the biggest questions is whether Taylor Kinney will be back. Kinney took an abrupt leave of absence during Chicago Fire season 11. Kelly Severide was written out in a way that would allow him to come back, but it’s clear that there are chances he might not be back. The season 11 finale left us with the reveal that Severide had secretly taken another job without even letting Stella know.

This could have been a way to set up drama. It could have also been a way to manage the possibility of Kinney not returning. What do we know so far?

Is Taylor Kinney in Chicago Fire season 12?

As of right now, we simply don’t have a concrete answer. Kinney has been silent about his absence from the show. Something happened personally, and he even took some time off social media to manage it all. He’s still not that active. We respect his privacy with whatever is going on.

The strike action prevents anyone from confirming anything right now. The writers haven’t gotten back to work, and now Kinney is even part of the strike action. Even if he wanted to confirm if he’d be back or not, he couldn’t.

We’re just left waiting until the strike action comes to an end. We may hear about the decisions then.

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