BBC EastEnders spoilers for next week: Rocky twist, new characters and Ian bombshell

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal drama, confessions and possible twists on the BBC soap, as there's hints of upcoming storylines and the arrival of two new characters

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EastEnders: Ravi catches Denise watching footage of him

EastEnders: Ravi catches Denise watching footage of him

EastEnders airs huge scenes next week, with some new arrivals as well as possible hints at new storylines ahead.

Ian Beale makes a worrying discovery next week which could change everything, amid his fears his partner Cindy Beale will leave him for her ex George Knight. Elsewhere, we will see two new faces in Walford leading to a big shock for one family.

As Ravi Gulati is reunited with someone from his past amid his son Nugget being missing, he makes a major discovery about a daughter he never knew existed. Finally there's hints at drama ahead for Rocky Cotton amid his gambling.

The character lies to his wife Kathy Beale next week as his money issues continue, but could he be tied into the upcoming café fire? Here's the biggest moments of the week ahead on the BBC soap...

EastEnders airs huge scenes next week
EastEnders airs huge scenes next week (


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Ian bombshell

EastEnders spoilers tease a huge bombshell for Ian Beale next week, that could leave his plan in tatters on the BBC soap. The character makes a shocking discovery after a worrying phone call, with him fearing what it means for his future in Walford with partner Cindy Beale. It also leads to him trying to get the Knights on side amid their feud over Cindy, but it does not go to plan.

Knowing the history George Knight and Cindy share and that Cindy is keen to stay in Walford for her daughters, Ian is desperate to get their family restaurant plans off the ground. He fears he could lose Cindy if he doesn't make it work and give her what she wants.

But a shocking phone call could change everything, as Ian makes a huge discovery next week. Spoilers reveal that Ian gets a phone call that could scupper his plans, with there being a competitor for the lease on the pawnbrokers which he's hoping to get. Wanting to secure the location, Ian heads to The Vic in a bid to make sure the Knights hand over Cindy's share of the money, playing on his recent heart attack for sympathy.

But George's partner Elaine sees right through him and quickly dashes his hopes. George drops the news that Cindy has no claim to any of the sales money after she left the family, and went back to her real identity. How will Cindy react, and does this mean the business plan is out the window?

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New arrivals

There's new characters next week (



Ravi Gulati is out of his mind with worry over his son Nugget's disappearance, but his return and the arrival of a long-lost lover will lead to explosive revelations in EastEnders.

Ravi is speechless when he comes face to face with Nugget's mum Priya who has been taking care of their son. The Walford bad boy brings Nugget home to Walford while Suki tells Nish she believes Denise's accusations against Ravi.

Priya arrives in Walford looking for Nugget as the police question the schoolboy on his reasons for leaving. Could Ravi find himself in trouble with the police over Ranveer's murder?

Priya storms out as Ravi and Nugget quickly follow, but they're both surprised when they're greeted by Avani, Priya and Ravi's daughter, who he had no idea existed. The businessman and bad boy struggles to cope with the news as the Panesar family rally round him.

Rocky twist

EastEnders airs new trouble for Rocky Cotton (


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders airs new trouble for Rocky Cotton next week spoilers reveal, ahead of his exit from the BBC soap. His money woes lead to drama with wife Kathy Beale and her family next week, with his secret agenda exposed.

It all kicks off when Kathy is keen to find a place of their own, but Rocky doesn't have the funds for it. He claims Jay Brown is late paying him at the car lot, while secretly he's continuing to place bets. Rocky lies to his wife, covering up what is really going on with him losing money.

Wanting to make money fast, Rocky hatches a plan to sell more cars in hope that the extra commission will secure his and Kathy’s future. In the meantime, he secretly plots to convince the Beales to let him and Kathy move back in, after they recently left over drama surrounding Cindy Beale's return.

Rocky invites Kathy's family over for lunch, claiming Kathy wants to bury the hatchet when secretly he's plotting. He wants to convince Ian to let them move back into the house to stop Kathy's hopes of them finding a new home. But his plan is rumbled, and chaos ensues.

Later in the week, Kathy and Rocky go house-hunting and put an offer on a studio flat, but unbeknownst to Kathy, they don’t have the funds to pay for the deposit due to Rocky’s gambling - but will he be rumbled?