Clarkson's Farm season 3 update from Jeremy Clarkson,654

Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed that the filming of the new season of Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime has officially concluded.

Announcing the news, Mr Clarkson shared a snap from the Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington with some of the show's most-loved stars.

The former Top Gear presented captioned the post to his 7.1 million Instagram followers: "Season 3. It’s a wrap."

Kaleb Cooper from the show also celebrated the ending of filming by sharing a sneak peek into the crew's wrap party.

The post shows Mr Cooper and Mr Clarkson's long-time collaborator and Grand Tour boss, Andy Wilman, competing in an arm wrestle.

Mr Cooper captioned the post: "Mr Andy Wilman called me out…. Safe to say it ended how we all expected it to. Lots of growls from Mr Wilman."

Lisa Hogan, Mr Clarkson's girlfriend also took to Instagram to celebrate the end of filming.

She posted a video of Mr Cooper jumping off the ground on one of Diddly Squat's fields.

This comes days after Ms Hogan teased the Amazon Prime show’s return date and gave an indication about season four.

One fan of the show left a comment on her Instagram: 'And season four??' with the actress giving the 'okay' thumbs up emoji in response.

Mr Clarkson has recently admitted he contemplated putting Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington on the market after a series of "disasters".

He admitted spending the week contemplating selling the farm after struggling with problems such as failed crops and adverse weather conditions making it hard to turn over a profit.

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Amazon Prime not said what the exact release date is in 2024 for the third series of the show.

In February, Mr Clarkson said that his 'rough guess' was that the show would return 18 months from then.

Following Amazon's decision to cut ties with Mr Clarkson over his controversial Meghan Markle column, the future of Clarkson's Farm and The Grand Tour was in doubt.

The show was defended at the Edinburgh TV Festival by Amazon representative Fozia Khan in September

Ms Khan, unscripted lead, UK Originals for Amazon Studios, was asked why they continued with the show following the controversial column, which was the subject of numerous complaints to the press watchdog, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso).

She said the team were “shocked and disappointed” but ultimately made the decision to continue the show.

She added: “I mean, there’s lots of conversations going on. But I think the thing that I want to say is that the show is so much bigger than Clarkson.”

“It’s a really good show.”

Multiple sources have said relations have since improved and Amazon is in active talks with Mr Clarkson over Season 4 of the farming documentary series, which is easily its best-performing UK original.

Season one and two of Clarkson’s Farm are available to watch on Prime Video now.