When is Midsomer Murders on ITV?

Not only do we have another Bank Holiday to look forward to, there's also a new episode of Midsomer Murders on its way.

The ITV crime drama's 22nd season continues with episode 6, The Witches of Angel's Rise, with the lead detective duo once again tasked with solving a grisly murder in their quaint yet deadly English village.

Read on for everything you need to know about Midsomer Murders' next episode and when it'll be released.

Fiona Dolman, Neil Dudgeon and Isabel Shaw in Midsomer Murders sitting on a bench and looking into camera

Fiona Dolman, Neil Dudgeon and Isabel Shaw in Midsomer Murders. ITV

Midsomer Murders' The Witches of Angel's Rise will air on Sunday 27th August at 8pm on ITV1.

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What is The Witches of Angel's Rise about?

John and Jamie standing behind Hattie in a stone tunnel

DCI John Barnaby, Hattie Bainbridge and DS Jamie Winter in Midsomer Murders. BENTLEY PRODUCTIONS FOR ITV

The official synopsis is as follows: "Each year, the Midsomer village of Angel's Rise hosts an annual Psychic Fayre in the vast and gothic Eddon Hall. Founded by the Saint-Stephens family in memory of their late daughter, the event attracts all manner of mediums, psychics and followers of the occult.

"When a body is found surrounded by ritual symbols on the eve of the gathering, Barnaby must step into a world of self-proclaimed witches to find the killer."

Midsomer Murders cast

Nick Hendrix, Neil Dudgeon and Annette Badland in Midsomer Murders in a crime scene

Nick Hendrix, Neil Dudgeon and Annette Badland in Midsomer Murders.

Neil Dudgeon returns as DCI John Barnaby, with Nick Hendrix by his side as DS Jamie Winter.

Fiona Dolman will also return as John's wife, Sarah Barnaby, as well as Paddy the dog – the family's "faithful canine companion".

In season 20, EastEnders' Annette Badland joined the team as "formidable" new pathologist Dr Fleur Perkins, replacing pathologist Dr Kam Karimore (Manjinder Virk), who moved to Canada at the end of season 19. Badland remains a part of the cast.

Neil Dudgeon said: "The team thought it would be interesting to introduce a character who would test Barnaby, somebody with whom he would have a more provocative relationship, and Fleur does just that."

There's also John and Sarah's daughter Betty, played by Isabel Shaw.

Midsomer Murders guest stars

Sally and Rachel sat next to each other in a garden on a sunny day

Sally-Ann Barker and Rachel Finn in Midsomer Murders. BENTLEY PRODUCTIONS FOR ITV

As is tradition, a raft of new guest stars have been drafted in for the new episode:

  • Clive Mantle (Casualty)
  • Caroline Lee Johnson
  • Tracy-Ann Oberman (EastEnders)
  • Sarah Paul (EastEnders)
  • Ian Bartholomew (Coronation Street)
  • Colin Salmon (James Bond)
  • Janine Duvitski (Benidorm)
  • Cian Barry (The A List)
  • Tristan Sturrock (Poldark)
  • Richard David-Caine (Class Dismissed)
  • Jordan Ford Silver (Coronation Street)
  • Bettrys Jones (Doctors)
  • Jessica Whitehurst (The Baby)
  • Erin Mullen
  • And Holly Willoughby as herself

Midsomer Murders: The Witches of Angel's Rise will air on Sunday 27th August at 8pm on ITV1. If you're looking for something else to watch, visit our TV Guide or take a look at the rest of our Drama coverage.

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