Emmerdale spoilers tonight: David exits village after finding out Pollard Parkinson’s and Jacob romance truth

In Emmerdale spoilers tonight (Thursday, November 30), David decides to get away from the village and leave his loved ones behind.

Realising that he can’t stick around after his family’s betrayal, David jumps in his car and drives away.

But, is this the last we’ll see of David now that he’s leaving the Dales in Emmerdale spoilers?

David leaves his loved ones behind (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: David says his goodbyes

Recently over in the Dales, David found out about Jacob and Victoria’s romance after seeing them kiss through the window.

Whilst confronting Jacob about his lies, David received another blow when Pollard entered the shop and revealed all about his Parkinson’s after hiding it from him for so long.

David was devastated and went outside of the shop, bursting into tears after the double betrayal.

After the initial shock, David then spoke to Pollard and told him that he’d stick by his side throughout his journey.

However, tonight, David has second thoughts and, after suffering from too much heartbreak, decides to say his goodbyes and leave the village. But, will he be back?

Caleb and Tracy kiss again (Credit: ITV)

Tracy and Caleb continue their affair

Tracy tries to distract herself from Caleb and focuses on her husband, asking him to take the afternoon off with her.

The Dingles all gather in the Woolpack for Cain’s birthday but Tracy can’t handle sitting near Caleb and heads off to the toilets.

Caleb follows Tracy and kisses her but they’re both almost caught by Cain. Later on, Tracy follows Caleb as he leaves the pub. But, will she be able to resist temptation?

Can the father and son make up? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Suni and Amit’s relationship is damaged

Suni and Amit show no signs of getting their father and son relationship back on track ahead of Amit’s departure.

As Nicky and Suni prepare for a night out, tensions are high. But, will the night out be one to remember?

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David Is Left Heartbroken | Emmerdale

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