Johnny Vegas claims Clarkson's Farm is a set up in huge rant

Johnny Vegas has hit out at Jeremy Clarkson's Amazon Prime series Clarkson's Farm following comparisons to his own Channel 4 show, Carry On Glamping.

The beloved Lancashire-born comic was inspired to create the show after "a drunken night on eBay", but has now hit out after unfavourable comparisons to Clarkson's own brainchild.

The Channel 4 show first aired in 2021 and sees the comedian running a camping site in Yorkshire.

Clarkson's Farm, which is based in west Oxfordshire, has been a big hit with viewers and was recently renewed for a fourth season, but  Johnny wasn't pleased about his programme being likened to the documentary series.

Vegas, however, believes it is not an actual representation of the industry.

"It really p***es me off when people say, 'Ooh, it’s like Clarkson’s Farm', because his show is a set-up, and you can see that from a mile off," he claimed.

Speaking to Radio Times, he added: "That really insults me – my team and I were doing 17-hour days to get the place ready, because it’s a real campsite with real customers, and we couldn’t let them down."

Oxford Mail has approached Diddly Squat Farm and Amazon Prime for comment.

Vegas continued: "The idea, originally, was my version of a midlife crisis: I went on eBay at 2am one drunken night, and bought this bus to convert for glamping.

"I named her Patricia, after my mum, who died not long after, so then it became a bit of a tribute to her."

Vegas recently took a break from the business for mental health reasons and was diagnosed with ADHD. 

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"There's a lot of self-medicating – with alcohol and other things – that goes on with ADHD"

"There's a lot of self-medicating – with alcohol and other things – that goes on with ADHD, because those seem to calm it," he said. 

He struggled to watch his business suffer when he was away but found it even harder to start up again when people knew why he departed. 

"Once we got back into action, though, the passion was still there. The danger then is making sure the passion doesn't lead to more stress for everyone," he added.

Guests at his Field of Dreams glamping site can book out converted school buses and planes from £350 for a minimum two-night stay.

As well as his fleet of vehicles, Vegas is said to be adding a boat and a helicopter for guests to stay in later this year.

Clarkson's Farm

Last year, Mr Clarkson said he was contemplating selling the farm after facing problems such as failed crops and adverse weather conditions.

In the farm’s first year, he made just £114 and admitted that would be a dream result in its most recent year of business.

Clarkson declared in a recent Times column that today's farmers are "screwed" after farming subsidies have been "cut to the bone".

The 63-year-old said: "They can't make anything approximating to a living wage without government help, and they can't put up prices because the supermarket system doesn't allow it."